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Below is a few of our most popular blended flake colors

The "typical" concrete design system is a four-part process:

  • Concrete Preparation.  The concrete is ground to remove any debris or previous coating to ensure that the new epoxy adheres to the concrete.  At times, the concrete may also require power washing to remove dust, particularly if there was a layer of epoxy removed.
  • Installation of epoxy.  The epoxy is rolled onto the prepared concrete.  The epoxy is covered by a lifetime guarantee due to its patented "wicking technology."  As long as the concrete remains intact the epoxy will never peel or flake; the only way to remove the epoxy is to diamond-grind the epoxy off the concrete or jack hammer the concrete.  However, if the concrete BELOW the epoxy begins to crumble, there is a likelihood that the epoxy will also deteriorate.
  • Decorative flake coverage.  The selected decorative flake is distributed onto the concrete surface.  Once the epoxy has dried, the flake will be hand-scraped to ensure there are no sharp edges, leaving a texture when finished.  The flake is rated for 10 years of normal wear and tear.
  • Application of protective top coat.  The top coat is applied to seal and protect the epoxy and flakes for lasting coverage.  The top coat is rated for 10 years of normal wear and tear.

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Below is a few of our most popular Brindle flake colors