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To be known as the best provider of concrete design services in the Black Hills -- the "Rockstarz of Concrete."



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What We Believe

Many people realize the value of improving kitchens and bathrooms; however, only the true visionaries realize that concrete design offers many advantages to homeowners seeking creative ways to increase their home equity and appreciate the beauty of their homes.


The owner of Rockstarz Concrete Design started his business as a result of searching to find the "perfect" flooring option for his rental basements that had "water issues" after repeatedly replacing flooring.  Once he discovered this system, he was sold on the products and the possibilities they presented.


Rockstarz Concrete Design is a small business, created to help homeowners and real estate investors improve the look of concrete surfaces, indoors or outdoors.  Each job is given personal attention by the owner with input from the customer.  We aim to please! 

Why We Exist